project: Bleepout


Bleepout was an interactive dome-projected game based on Atari's Breakout, made in association with VideoBleep. It was featured at Boston's 2015 Figment First Night.

The game is projected on the surface of a 30 foot geodesic dome, from 3 projectors mounted on towers surrounding the dome.

Users connect to a local wireless network using smartphones. Once connected, they enter the dome and use any modern mobile browser to control a virtual game paddle by pointing their phone at the dome. Multiple users play simultaneously, bouncing balls off of their paddles to hit and destroy bricks. Various game modifiers appear when destroying certain bricks to add features such as changing paddle size and speed, or causing balls to strike through bricks instead of bouncing off of them.

The game engine and rendering system is written in C++, using openFrameworks. The code is available on github. The control system is written in JavaScript on node.js, using on the Sway server.