project: Visualize Somerville

Visualize Somerville was a multi-venue event that took place both at Brooklyn Boulders Somerville and Aeronaut Brewing Company, on February 27, 2015.

Visualize Somerville at BKB and Aeronaut from Above Summit on Vimeo.

The event was written up in digboston.

Visualize Somerville transformed the Brooklyn Boulders rock climbing and community space into another world. Using over 40,000 lumens of projection systems we painted the massive climbing walls with incredible visual delights. It was a one-night experience to bring a new dimension to an already amazing, dynamic community space.

Next door, the Aeronaut Brewery hosted a local artists show to highlight the physical visual art mediums.

Musical Talent for Brooklyn Boulders:

Visual Artists at Brooklyn Boulders: