service shame

project idea: create a windows service that periodically crashes and displays excessively and inappropriately apologetic error messages, describing in detail how deeply it recognizes that it has brought shame upon it's entire svchost.exe process, and so on.

audio reactivity

Working on some audio reactivity in Flow for the MakeArtNow October challenge...

project obama

project idea: data visualization of the average number of comments or posts on something before the word "obama" appears, grouped by various demographics.

New Project: Flow

I have started a new project: Flow!
It is still really early in the development process.
It is based on particle systems, and will focus on the interaction of forces.

project idea: time usage statistics on documentaries

Project Idea: gather and display statistics on what portion of the total run-time is used for different types of content, in various documentaries.
Possible categories:
  • Close-ups of the host's face
  • Scenes where host eating food
  • Scenes of the host traveling
  • Monologues
  • Shots of locals looking awkward
  • Monologues while walking
  • Animations/renderings
  • Unrelated cultural phenomena 

To support this, develop a tool that allows you to easily track and categories time periods while viewing some media (e.g. "start closeup, start monologue, end closeup, end monologue", etc.).
This tool could also be useful in other projects that involve tagging and organizing large volumes of media.

    success in creations

    I identify success when creating as the point where I can spent an hour watching the output of a system and toying with the controls. Analysis to follow, soon...

    The DynamicStructure system

    The newly started DynamicStructure system is a spin-off from LinearChaosC (it uses the same processing chain, for the time being). It is focused on grid-based structures.
    LinearChaosC was beginning to feel like it was getting stale, so I figured it was time to experiment with some new geometries.

    LinearChaosC plans

    I'm beginning to fear that I'm losing momentum on LinearChaosC. It might be time to add some new geometry systems. The post processing system is definitely getting pretty good, but the output of the whole thing has been stagnating a bit. The other option would be to focus more on the control systems, possibly with more audio analysis or some sort of more detached control mechanism.

    site update and github!!

    I finally got around to putting the LinearChaos systems in github!!

    Also, I updated the site to include related github commits in project pages!
    blogentry frontend update

    I have modified the frontend a bit. Various types of project items (video, images, blog posts) now show up in a single unified flow. It's still not quite right but it's getting there.

    linearchaos control recording!!!

    I finally successfully added control input recording in LinearChaos C! It should make it possible to record a performance synchronized (manually) to pre-recorded audio and then render out the video (sort of) synchronized to the audio.. and then merge them...

    (version 643)


    uniqueness is an illusion.

    blogentry backend updates

    I have done some work on's backend code. Hopefully it should be pretty much transparent. It mostly involves pulling data from external sources (vimeo and flickr) rather than hosting my own images and metadata.

    linearchaos post processing

    I have been starting to focus a bit more on the post-processing and it has turned out rather well. It's also seems a lot faster than adding more geometry processing. The most recent addition is a blurred halo effect inspired by the "bloom" effect from Mary Franck's Rouge. I'm posting a few new images that feature it.
    (version 631)


    lots of optimizations to linearchaos

    I made a whole lot of optimizations, mostly in the post processing, and managed to get the framerate back up to 30fps (it was around 17-20fps before)!
    It turns out that the noise generators that I was using for the displacement was eating up way more processing time than it needed to. I switched over to a single fixed Noise TOP with a several different moving/rotating views of the image merged together with XOR.

    (version 620)

    linearchaos post processing and errors

    Something in the recent build(s) of TouchDesigner is breaking some of the transparency and blending on the wire materials. I don't know why it's happening or how to fix it. It's really quite annoying.
    Other than that, I've started to do some more work on the post-processing, including some color shifting stuff.

    some linearchaos changes

    The latest version of TouchDesigner seems to have sort of messed up the blending of the wires in LinearChaosC. I ended up reverting to the previous build which seems to have fixed it. I'm starting to make more progress with the rings, with some more controls and such. Also, I decided to simplify the camera controls a bit.

    Added some more LinearChaosC images

    I added some new LinearChaosC images, featuring the new ring geometry. It needs to expand in a new direction of some sort and alternate geometry seems like a good start. Maybe it will end up as a larger-scale system with multiple scenes... eventually. For now, there are still some performance issues that I need to work out... either that or get some new hardware...

    listening to / watching Singularity by Steve Aoki on repeat...

    new site:

    I have a new site:
    It has information on my visual projects, including images! and videos!


    In order to attach the applicable amount of meaning to the phrase, I must add the prefix of "existential" to "nihilism" in order to accurately describe my view of the world (see Existential Nihilism).
    If followed through to its conclusion, every thought process that I have ultimately ends up at the idea that nothing means anything. I don't think I understand how any other mode of thought can exist (without resorting to magic, or spiritualism, or other such things).
    Because of this, I have been forced to conclude that, although everything is effectively meaningless, we might as well attach synthetic meaning to things because it is the only possible way to make sense of anything. Therefore, your thoughts might as well have value, because if nothing has actual value, we can just redefine the concept of "value" to mean something which your thoughts actually possess.
    Hence, nihilism, but more so. Hence, Existential Nihilism.